5 Steps To Build A Personal Brand On Social Media

As the digital world progresses, the importance of having a stable personal brand on social media becomes not only beneficial but an essential component. Having a strong personal brand can help businesses and individuals stand out in a crowded market, establish their authority, and create meaningful connections with their audience. Whether they are freelancers, entrepreneurs, or professional brands investing in the best digital marketing agency in Pakistan, certain steps can help them craft a compelling personal brand on social media.


STEP 1: Define The Identity Of The Brand

The identity of a brand is the base and foundation of the brand itself. It is a combination of the values, mission, vision, and unique value offered by the brand. To define the identity of the brand, it is best to start by asking yourselves the following questions as they are the questions that most digital marketing companies like Eximo Digital ask to build a foolproof social media presence: 

What Are The Core Values Of Your Brand?

What Is Your Mission?

What Are Your Areas Of Expertise?

What Makes Your Brand Unique?

As soon as clarity is obtained on these aspects, a brand statement can be created easily. That will be a summary of your brand. This will serve as a guide in all of your social media activities. According to a survey done by Sprout Social, around 86% of consumers say that authenticity is a lot more important for them when deciding which brands they like and support. That is why it is very important to stay true to the brand identity.


STEP 2: Identify Your Target Audience

The next step is to clearly understand the audience and realize what they need as it is a critical aspect of building a successful personal brand. By conducting Thu research, brands can identify the demographics and interest points of the target audience. A wide variety of tools is available like the Olympics, social media, insights, and services, which can help provide valuable data regarding the audience.

A report done by HubSpot found out businesses that consistently publish content can target their audience and can see 13 times the ROI of businesses that don’t take this step. Factor can show how important it is to have an understanding of the audience before creating content.


STEP 3: Create Valuable And Consistent Content

Content is considerably one of the most important aspects of creating a personal brand on social media. To establish your brand as an authority, individuals need to consistently share valuable content that can resonate with their audience. Let us take a look at some effective tips for creating content: 

Educational Content

Share tips, insights, and how-to guides for your audience.

Engaging Content

Try posting interactive content like poles, Q&A sessions, and even live videos.

Personal Stories

It would be wise to share personal experiences and journeys in order to build a deeper connection with the audience.

According to a study done by Demand metric, content marketing can cost 62% less than the traditional marketing route and can generate about three times as many leads as normal marketing. The most important factor is consistency, and many platforms like Buffer and Hootsuite can help you schedule your posts and maintain a regular posting schedule.


STEP 4: Leverage Multiple Platforms

To maximize the brand’s reach, it is best to make leverage of multiple social media platforms. Each social media platform has its strengths and can cater to different audiences: 

Linkedin: it is ideal for professional, networking, and B2B marketing. 

Instagram: it is great for creating visual content and reaching younger audiences.

Twitter: it’s perfect for receiving real time updates and engaging in conversations.

Facebook: it is useful for community building and reaching a wider audience.

According to research done by the Pew Research Center, around 72% of adults in the US use some sort of social media platform. By diversifying your presence across multiple platforms, you can increase your visibility and engage with a wider audience.


Eximo Digital: Your Partner In Personal Branding

Being a personal brand on social media can be extremely tough, but with the right guidance, it can become extremely manageable. Eximo Digital is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Pakistan, which specializes in helping individuals and businesses create powerful business brands. With our team of seasoned experts, we can help numerous clients define their identity, create engaging content, and reach their target audience effectively. By following these four steps and using the expertise of a trusted partner like eczema, digital, individuals can create a personal brand that truly resonates with their brand identity. 

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